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Resolution of family conflicts

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Resolving family conflicts requires strong technical expertise but it is just as important to consider the human element in these disputes. Settling divorce and estate disputes requires that we listen and analyse always keeping our clients ‘best interests at the centre of any negotiations. We have cultivated these values and developed this expertise for more than thirty years. 

Significant experience in family disputes

Our team represents individuals in tax and civil matters such as:

  • registration duties (Tax proceedings relating to gift or inheritance tax);
  • civil matters relating to estate disputes and divorce (liquidation of succession, dissolution of joint estate of husband and wife, joint ownership division, judiciary actions to protect our clients ‘rights in succession in case of excessive gifts reduction, donations to be included in the division, contested will, etc.).

Support at every stage of the conflict

Our recognised expertise in civil matters such as estate and matrimonial regime combined with our attention to our clients’ specific needs allows us to thoroughly analyse the legal issues and to defend our clients’ interests. Drawing on our extensive negotiating experience, we are committed to fostering amicable settlements. If necessary, we represent our clients before civil courts with persuasive force in coordination with our judicial team.

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