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Grégory Dumont


CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats
2 rue Ancelle
92522 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Languages French, English

Grégory Dumont is a lawyer in the Inheritance Law Department of CMS Francis Lefebvre Avocats. Specialist in inheritance law and taxation, he mainly advises company executives and affluent private clients. In particular, he works on organising the transfer of companies within a family group, anticipating in asset terms the consequences of a divorce or the opening of an inheritance, handling civil liabilities in international cases of movement of persons or goods, assisting clients in legal disputes in inheritance law and taxation.

His areas of expertise are the law on gifts, matrimonial law, inheritance law, joint possession law, dismemberments of ownership, life insurance, international private law, disabilities law, taxation of free donations (donations/inheritance) and wealth tax.

Grégory joined the firm in 2007, after several professional experiences in private banking and in a notarial firm. He is a lecturer at the Paris-Dauphine University. Author of numerous articles for various legal and tax journals, including the Gazette du Palais and the Feuillet Rapide, he regularly hosts conferences particularly on the “Dutreil” taxation regime in favour of company transfers. He is also the Former Secretary of the Hauts de Seine Law Society Conference.

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Relevant experience

  • Lecturer at the University of University Paris IX - Paris-Dauphine (patrimonial law)
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  • Master in notarial law, University of Paris II - Panthéon-Assas
  • Post-graduate diploma in business law, University of Paris II - Panthéon-Assas
  • DJCE - Certificate in tax law
  • Specialization certificates in patrimonial and tax law 
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  • Former Secrétaire de la conférence (elected appointment to provide on-call criminal defence as a result of a debating competition held by the Paris Bar)
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  • Délai de prescription de l’action en recel successoral : évolution de la loi dans le temps - Gazette du Palais 2016 (16/12/2016)
  • Rappel fiscal des donations : de l'intérêt de déposer une réclamation avant la décision du Conseil constitutionnel - JCP N n°46 - Le Revenu (18/11/2016)
  • Droits de donation-succession : déposez une demande de restitution - Les Echos (10/11/2016)
  • L’administration fiscale limite l’application des pactes Dutreil « réputés acquis » - Le blog des fiscalistes EFE (08/11/2016)
  • Confirmation de solutions antérieures sur la réduction des donations-partages et abandon de la notion d’avantage indirect rapportable - Gazette du Palais (13/09/206)
  • Assurance-vie : confirmation de la neutralité fiscale au décès d'un conjoint non souscripteur quel que soit le bénéficiaire du contrat - Option Finance (27/06/2016)
  • soit le bénéficiaire du contrat
  • Les décisions marquantes de la fiscalité successorale de l'année 2015, co-auteur - Gazette du Palais (31/05/2016)
  • Assurance-vie : la réponse Bacquet appartient au passé, co-auteur - Feuillets Rapides Francis Lefebvre (Mars 2016)
  • Les nouveautés en matière de fiscalité patrimoniale, co-auteur - Droit et Patrimoine 2016 (Février 2016)
  • Droits de succession 2015 : les décisions marquantes, co-auteur - Option Finance, Le Revenu (29/01/2016)
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04 June 2019
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