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Restructuring, Business Transformation & Insolvency

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CMS can help you with restructuring, insolvency and transforming your business. Whether caused by rapid technological developments, consumer preferences, increased success of competitors, tightening of regulation or an overall economic downturn. When businesses experience decreasing revenue and profits it is better to act sooner rather than later. CMS has lawyers based in Hungary to help businesses to reduce risk and make the most of business opportunities both locally within Hungary and across the world.

Business transformation

Business transformation may help you in keeping pace with the latest trends and developments in your sector and allow you to maintain or improve your market position. The ability to react quickly and to be flexible in incorporating changes to how your company operates has never been more imperative. 

Restructuring and protecting your business

You may consider a wide variety of measures to strengthen your (financial) position and protect yourself from the adverse effects of business related issues. Our teams at CMS  based in Hungary can help you assess your options navigate through the legal challenges related to them, be it debt restructuring, corporate optimisation (including the sale of assets), change of business model, employment reorganisation or the review of the agreements with your suppliers and creditors. 


In cases where insolvency is imminent, we also provide support during insolvency itself, benefitting from the experience gained by our insolvency specialists as court-appointed insolvency administrators across the region. Our experience spans all types of corporate restructurings as well as advising debtors and creditors through insolvency proceedings. We also support private equity houses and funds on sales and acquisitions of businesses and non-performing loan portfolios, supporting their investment strategies.

CMS in Hungary

CMS in Budapest is extremely well positioned to handle your restructuring and insolvency matters in Hungary. With a team of 77 dedicated partners and lawyers across corporate, finance, commercial, employment, disputes and real estate practices, we are one of the leading international law firms on the market. Contact our team in Hungary to see how we can help you optimise your business model and stay at the forefront of competition today.

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