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Portrait of Martin Wodraschke

Martin Wodraschke

Co-Head of CMS Auto-Tech Group and Co-Head of CEE German Practice

CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP Magyarországi Fióktelepe
YBL Palace
Károlyi utca 12
1053 Budapest
Languages German, English, Hungarian, Italian

Martin Wodraschke is a partner at CMS Budapest, Co-Head of CEE German Practice and Co-Head of the CMS Auto-Tech Group. He is a German qualified lawyer and member of the Munich and Budapest Bar Associations.

His areas of expertise are commercial law with specific understanding of the automotive sector. Martin has 20 years' experience in leading and coordinating cross border projects and commercial roll outs in Hungary and CEE.

Besides, he advises OEMs and other investors on their business activities in Hungary and the CEE region. Martin provides his clients with insights into the local legal customs, which are relevant to German entities investing in or having their business activities in CEE.

Martin is teaching German civil law at the Eötvös-Loránd-University Budapest and a Ph.D. candidate conducting research in Law&Economics at the Andrássy University Budapest on the development of liability rules for autonomous vehicles.

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Relevant experience

  • AURELIUS Invest on acquisition of Coats Group and sale of Framochem.
  • German Embassy in Hungary on the purchase and reconstruction of the Ambassador’s residence in Budapest.
  • MAN FS on financing of truck-business in Hungary.
  • Kienle + Spiess / Sumitomo Group on vendor DD, restructuring measures and providing full service in all areas of law.
  • A group of German OEMs in relation to the liquidation of a major supplier.
  • MAGNA / COSMA Alu Structures on the purchase of BDW Group.
  • A major German OEM
    • on employment matters in CEE.
    • on commercial matters on a continuous basis in CS-EU countries.
    • on data protection and compliance issues across the region.
    • on an insolvency procedure against a supplier in CEE.
    • on financing used cars and demo cars.
  • Funkwerk AG on a procurement project.
  • EUROPART on general employment issues.
  • A major German healthcare gas supplier on its business units in CEE.
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Memberships & Roles

  • President, Alumni-Association of the Andrássy University Budapest
  • Member, IMD Alumni Club Austria / CEE
  • Member, Munich Bar Association
  • Member, Hungarian Bar Association
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  • The Road to the (Autonomous) Future - Jan 2022.
  • Can Consumers still trust their cars? - Budapest Business Journal, VOL. 24, 13/2016.
  • Various possibilities – New investment incentives in Hungary / Regional separation of subsidies (article in German), In Ost-West-Contact 5/2015.
  • Chapter on Hungary in Handbook of the Societas Europaea (Handbook in German) 2014
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  • 2016 (Ongoing) - Ph.D. on Legal Aspects of Autonomous Cars, Andrássy University, Budapest 
  • 2005 – LL.M., Andrássy University, Budapest
  • 2000 – Bar Exam, Landgericht München, Munich
  • 1998 – Master Degree in Law, Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich
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