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CMS promotes 48 to partner in 2017 global promotions round

CMS has appointed 48 partners across 26 offices globally, with females making up 27% of the firm’s promotions in 2017.

CMS Executive Chairman Cornelius Brandi says, “In today’s business environment, thinking and working across borders is essential. With the naming of our new CMS partners, we continue to expand and deepen our expertise across all our offices to ensure that our clients worldwide have access to the services they need wherever they are.”
Partner promotions across CMS for 2017 include:

Banking & International Finance
Dr. Kerstin Block (Hamburg, Germany)
Andrea Zubović-Devedžić (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Corporate and Commercial
Ulrich Becker (Frankfurt, Germany)
Dr. Tobias Grau (Stuttgart, Germany)
Dr Daniel Jenny (Zurich, Switzerland)
Dr. Christoph Lächler (Stuttgart, Germany)
Dr. Falk Lichtenstein (Beijing, China)
Dr. Jochen Lux (Leipzig, Germany)
Daniela Murer (Milan, Italy)
Jack Shepherd (London, United Kingdom)
Herman van Aerts (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Dr. Michael Wangemann (Munich, Germany)

Competition & EU and Public Procurement
Marquard Christen (Zurich, Switzerland)
Francesca Sutti (Milan, Italy)
Dr. Dieter Zandler (Vienna, Austria)

Florian Block (Munich, Germany)

Dispute Resolution & Arbitration
David Bridge (London, United Kingdom)
Horia Draghici (Bucharest, Romania)
Pierre Ducret (Geneva, Switzerland)
Luke Pardey (London, United Kingdom)
Jorge Sánchez (Barcelona, Spain)

Employment and Pensions
Sophie Berg (Brussels, Belgium)
Caroline Kurup (London, United Kingdom)
Sofia Mateus (Lisbon, Portugal)
César Navarro (Madrid, Spain)

Energy, Projects & Construction
Đorđe Popović (Belgrade, Serbia)
Randall Walker (Dubai, UAE)

Thomas Böhm (Vienna, Austria)

Paola Nunziata (Rome, Italy)
Helen Wallis (London, United Kingdom)

Real Estate
David Crossley (London, United Kingdom)
Johanna Hofmann (Frankfurt, Germany)
Dr. Christiane Kappes (Hamburg, Germany) - also specialises in Environmental law
Amy Norton (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
Álvaro Otero (Madrid, Spain)
Kirsten Partridge (Glasgow, United Kingdom)
Dr. Thorsten Schätzlein (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Jozsef Varady (Budapest, Hungary)

Herman Boersen (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Stephane Bouvier (Paris, France)
Mark Cagienard (Zurich, Switzerland)
Pierre Carcelero (Paris, France)
Dimitar Hadjiveltchev (Paris, France)
Diego de Miguel (Madrid, Spain)
Johann Roc'h (Paris, France)
Christophe Vézinhet (Paris, France)

Paul Silver (London, United Kingdom)
Duncan Turner (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

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