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Business Process Outsourcing from Germany to India


Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a phenomenon which is becoming increasingly popular in German business. Whereas at the beginning of the development outsourcing was still very much restricted to a company‘s information technology, in the meantime more and more other business processes are being outsourced such as call centre services, payroll, purchasing, human resources management, customer care, billing processes, etc. For German companies it is particularly outsourcing to Eastern Europe or above all to India which is interesting because the personnel costs are considerably lower than in Germany.

One main reason for a BPO from Germany to India is thus the expected cost advantage. However, there are also other reasons for a BPO such as rationalisation and increased efficiency of business processes, utilisation of the know-how of well-qualified specialists and the outsourcing company being able to concentrate on its key business true to the motto: Do what you can do best – outsource the rest.

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