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Discover thought leadership and legal insights by our legal experts from across CMS. In our Expert Guides, written by CMS lawyers from across the jurisdictions where we operate, we provide you with in-depth legal research and insights that can be read both online and offline. You can also find Law-Now articles with focused legal analysis, commentary and insights to help you anticipate future challenges and much more.

Energy M&A
The M&A activity related to Energy plants and investments has strongly increased in the last years by undergoing significant transformation in the energy industry driven by technological advancements...
Land is a finite resource. As the world collectively pushes towards achieving Net Zero targets, more and more land will need to be used for renewable energy projects, including solar farms, wind farms...
EU’s Treatment of Energy Disputes
Three Recent Developments in the EU’s Treatment of Energy Disputes  In the past five years, the EU has taken an increasingly aggressive stance against intra-EU investor-State dispute settlement (“ISDS”)...
Introduction   Many countries across the globe have taken significant steps towards embracing hydrogen as a pivotal component of their energy landscape. With the aim of fulfilling their commitments...
Recent Tax Developments around Renewables
The renewables sector has undergone rapid change in recent years. During the pandemic, many countries tried to boost their economies through strong tax and financial incentives for energy efficiency works...
Social aspect of ESG - Lexicon of most important terms and phrases
Lexicon of most important terms and phrases within the Social aspect of ESG
Singapore VCC Guide
The Singapore Variable Capital Company (VCC) is a new corporate structure for investment funds constituted under the Variable Capital Companies Act, which took effect in January 2020. It is the first fund-specific entity to be launched in Singapore and it is intended to strengthen Singapore’s position as a leading Asian fund management centre. Over the past 20+ months the CMS Singapore funds team have taken the time to understand the legal and operational practicalities of launching, closing and operating a VCC fund, which go far beyond the VCC Act itself. As such, this guide reflects our team’s collective hands-on experience of the VCC gained over multiple VCC fund formation mandates. The purpose of this guide is therefore to provide an overview of the VCC and its key features, as well as of the VCC establishment process. It also addresses some of the VCC questions that have been frequently asked of us by both managers and investors alike.
The new VAT scheme for e‑commerce
The CMS TAX group is pleased to launch the guide on VAT e-commerce This guide covers the VAT e-commerce package, which was first approved in 2017 (Directive 2017 / 2455) and added to in 2019 (Directive...
Lawyers on Whistleblower Protection and Internal Investigations
In October 2019, when the European Union approved the Whistleblower Protection Directive, many EU jurisdictions re-examined their internal investigations systems. At the same time, an open discussion...
Guide on international data transfers – Drawing on the Schrems II Case
On 16 July 2020, almost five years after the Safe Harbour Agreement between the European Union and United States was ruled invalid, the Court of Justice of the European Union delivered a judgment on...
CMS Guide to Real Estate Transaction Costs and Taxes in Europe
Comparing real estate investment values across Europe provides only part of the picture. For a true comparison, the investor will also take account of transaction costs and taxes, which can differ widely...
Sustainable Finance or Responsible Investment – a guide for asset managers
Responsible Investment has, in a few short years, moved from being an outlier in the as­set man­age­ment world to an issue of global importance which is front and centre of political, legal and market...