CMS Luxembourg FinTech team brings together the strengths of market-leading legal,  technological expertise, and industry knowledge. With our substantial banking and investment funds team, our insurance expertise and dynamic regulatory practice, CMS is a genuine FinTech powerhouse.

Our scale and deep industry expertise enables us to serve the full spectrum of players in the Fintech market, including the largest retail and investment banks, Fintech investors, established Fintech companies, and the smaller start-ups.

Whether you are developing your own FinTech business, nurturing, acquiring, or investing in one, you need the reassurance that you are doing the right thing for your business and for your customers. At CMS, our lawyers recognise the fact that you need legal support that matches those ambitions. Our services cover a broad range of FinTech areas, especially crowdfunding platforms, Initial coin offerings (ICOs), Security token offerings (STOs), Cryptocurrencies, Outsourcings, Investments in FinTech companies and innovative payment solutions.

At the industry level, CMS Luxembourg is an associate partner of the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT). With this partnership, we aim to contribute actively to the LHoFT’s efforts to enhance Luxembourg’s Fintech ecosystem, including notably Fundtech, Regtech and Insurtech, while making available to the innovators the expertise and experience of its lawyers.

Global approach, local experts

CMS advises FinTech companies both within Luxembourg and internationally. If specific knowledge of a different jurisdiction is required, we bring in FinTech specialists from the worldwide CMS network. Seamless service across national borders is routine for us, rather than the exception.

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CMS Glob­al Fintech Up­date
The leg­al frame­work in the fintech in­dustry is chan­ging very quickly and some­times var­ies greatly from jur­is­dic­tion to jur­is­dic­tion.Our glob­al up­date, will give you an over­view of the latest changes and top­ics we have been deal­ing with in Europe, Africa and Lat­in Amer­ica re­gion. This will give you an at a glance sum­mary of a num­ber of art­icles that we have pro­duced on a loc­al basis.For a more in-depth ana­lys­is or for any ques­tions, please reach out to your usu­al CMS con­tact or lis­ted be­low Fintech ex­perts.