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Crash course in real estate law for non-lawyers (in Dutch)

CMS Derks Star BusmannNewtonlaan 2033584 BH Utrecht

Past event
17 May 2011, 09:00 - 19 May 2011, 16:30

On 17, 18 and 19 May 2011, CMS Derks Star Busmann, in cooperation with the Dutch Real Estate Institute [Nederlands Vastgoed Instituut], will be offering a crash course entitled “Real Estate Law for Non-Lawyers”.

Find your way through the real estate law maze!
Even for seasoned professionals, real estate law can be a maze of regulations and statutes. Our crash course, “Real Estate Law for Non-Lawyers” is intended for people who are regularly confronted by real estate issues in their day-to-day business, but who lack legal training in the field. That lack may mean that important issues are escaping your attention. This course is tailor-made for people who want to quickly achieve an understanding of the basic principles of real estate law and who aren’t afraid to jump in at the deep end to do so.

After following the training, you will be able to tackle some of the more onerous legal aspects of real estate disputes:
- Prevent unnecessary court proceedings and high legal fees
- Learn to identify pitfalls
- Create the oversight you need to avoid “panic situations”

Target group
- People whose work involves real estate, spatial planning, and property-law issues, as well as municipal, provincial and federal construction and residential supervision issues
- Project leaders working for property companies, project developers, contractors and building societies
In brief, this seminar is meant for everyone who routinely deals with, or expects to have to deal with, real estate issues but who lacks legal training in this area.

Your input
We would like to tailor your training as much as possible to your practical questions and examples from your practice. Please submit these to [email protected] and your instructors will address them when dealing with the relevant topic.
Please submit your questions and examples before 2 May so that your instructors will have sufficient time to prepare a specific answer for you.

The following topics will be discussed during the seminar:
- Construction: contracts and liability
- Ownership/title, delivery and transfer
- VAT and real estate transfer tax
- Tendering and state aid
- Spatial planning and the environment
- Commercial tenancy law
- Land policy and exploitation

Download the brochure
For more information about the course, your instructors and the programme, you can download the brochure (in Dutch).

Brochure Verkorte opleiding Vastgoedrecht voor de niet-jurist

The participation fee is EUR 2,499 per person, exclusive of VAT. We offer an attractive discount if multiple people from your organisation attend. You can read more about this in the brochure.


You can register by clicking on the button below or by sending an e-mail to [email protected].

More information
Nicole Raeijmaeckers
Business Development & Communications
T +31 (0) 30 2121 151
E [email protected]


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