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General Terms and Conditions are an indispensable tool for risk management. It is simply impossible to negotiate every transaction down to the very last detail, and that is why professional organizations use General Terms and Conditions. These serve as a safety net when too much is demanded of your leniency and the general statutory regulations are to your disadvantage.

Drawing up General Terms and Conditions is tailor-made work. Your organization is different to others and you need to bear this in mind when placing your risks within a legal framework. It is also advisable to think about whether you conclude international contracts, what function your website fulfils, and whether in addition to conditions of sale you also need contracts of purchase, conditions for professional services and tendering of work and other schemes specific to your activities.

CMS can take care of all these aspects to do with drawing up General Terms and Conditions. In this way, you can be your own lawmaker. Furthermore, will give you information on the way in which you should use your General Terms and Conditions, since even the very best ones are of no value whatsoever if they are not applied correctly. Of course we can also screen your existing General Terms and Conditions or provide you with a set of standard conditions if you feel that this would suffice in your situation.

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