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Our specialists of the CMS Expat Desk provide cross-border advice to (global) companies about international employees, also known as "expats". The provided assistance is related to employment law, visa's, work permits, tax, pension and social security matters:

  • application of the required permits to reside and work in the Netherlands, both for expats and family members;
  • registration of the employer at the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Services (in Dutch: IND);
  • mobility policies;
  • international assignment services agreements;
  • expat agreements covering all employment related aspects such as the relocation to the country of origin;
  • termination of the expat agreement or international assignment services agreements;
  • the possibility to apply for 30% tax ruling (which is a benefit for the expat);
  • the tax optimization of a salary split and employee benefits;
  • employers tax obligations, multi state wage and income tax returns;
  • payroll services;
  • the applicable pension scheme and how to deal with pensions in different countries;
  • the possibilities for international transfers of pension benefits and continued participation in another jurisdiction;
  • analysis of the applicable social security scheme(s) and the consequences thereof; and
  • the implementation of the preferred social security scheme.

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