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  1. 1.    Annual State Budget for 2019

The annual State Budget for 2019 was published last 28 December 2019.

As in previous years, the Special Contribution for Current Invisible Operations was republished. Tax rate remains 10%.

A special regime for payment of tax, customs and social security debts arising before 31 December 2017 was also approved under which taxpayers shall receive a pardon for interest and penalties on all debts paid until 31 December 2019. Application to benefit from this pardon must be filed before 30 June 2019.

In addition the State Budget granted powers to the President for the revision of the following diplomas:

(i)      Customs Code;

Structural revision of the diploma with redefinition of the regimes and penalty regime. Introduction of the possibility to pay debts in installments.

(ii)      Investment Income Tax Code

Redefinition of the internal participation exemption regime applicable to dividend distribution and clarification of the wording of the diploma.

(iii)     Stamp Duty Code

Change the Code to foresee the possibility to charge Stamp Duty on receipts issued by self employed individuals, on all types of service contracts, employment contracts of expatriates and clarification of the tax liability regime.

  1. 2.    Legal Regime of Electronic Submission of the Taxpayers Accounting Elements

Last December 21, 2018, the Legal Regime of Electronic Submission of the Taxpayers Accounting Elements was published by the Presidential Decree no. 312/18.

The Legal Regime establishes the mandatory electronic submission of invoicing, accounting and inventory data of taxpayers, as well as the validity requirements of the Electronic Data Processing System.

The legal regime is applicable to taxpayers that in the course of their commercial, industrial or service activity, have an annual turnover or imports value superior to AKz 50,000,000.00 (fifty million Kwanzas). This should be determined with referenc to the last year´s annual income tax return.

This decree entered into force last 21 January, 2019


  1. 3.    Legal Regime of Invoices and Equivalent Documents

The new Legal Regime of Invoices and Equivalent Documents was published last December 3, 2018, by the Presidential Decree no. 292/18.

The Legal Regime revoked all opposing legislation, namely, the Presidential Decree no. 149/13 of 1 October.

The legal regime foresees the rules applicable to the issuing, conservation and storage of invoices and equivalent documents.

This decree will came into force next April, 2019.

  1. 4.    Double Tax Treaty between Angola and Portugal

The Angolan National Assembly approved last 24 January the Double Tax Treaty between Angola and Portugal. Diploma should enter into force after the Presidential ratification.


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