South Africa

Financial technology (FinTech) has a phenomenal impact on Africa's financial sector and other key sectors. As a key driver of growth in the region, FinTech is a viable alternative to traditional banking in urban and rural areas. Across many countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, FinTech is improving financial inclusion and stimulating innovation and productivity for example, by giving small and medium-sized enterprises better access to financing and offering a broader range of financial products for the agriculture sector. In in Sub-Saharan Africa FinTech is therefore not so much about disrupting traditional financial services but is providing products and services that were not available or accessible. By creating technology-based products and solutions, including mobile money, online payment processing, lending, and investing, FinTech companies plug gaps that exist in local financial service industries.

As a young and non-traditional law firm, CMS South Africa is well equipped to advise on a wide range of topics and transactions involving the FinTech sector in Sub-Saharan Africa, such as the establishment of FinTech companies and digital platforms, M&A and joint ventures, cross-border services and operations, contracts with customers, suppliers and services providers (including blockchain solutions), compliance and internal policies as well as financing transactions (including tokenisation and marketplace lending). 

Our clients include FinTech companies and their sponsors, IT and other services providers, banks and investors. CMS South Africa's FinTech team members, support by the global CMS network, specialise in areas such as financial regulation, corporate law, tax and foreign exchange control regulations, banking and finance law (also English law), contract law, IP law, competition law and IT and data protection law. 

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