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The CMS office in Brussels is the firm’s centre of excellence for EU and competition law. Our team of ten lawyers works on complex German and international proceedings. Clients appreciate in particular our close cooperation with the German CMS offices in this context.

We advise on mergers, cartel and cartel fine proceedings and support you on distribution law and foreign trade matters. Our Brussels office can also advise you on state aid issues while drawing on our special public commercial law and financing know-how.

Contact the CMS EU and competition law experts in Brussels to find out more about our services. We look forward to working with you!

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By plane

Going by taxi (about 20 min) or using public transport (about 45 min): - take the Airport bus until stop Schuman; from there it is a 10 min walk - take the train to station Gare Central/Centraal, then change to metro line 1A direction Herrmann-Debroux or 1B direction Stockel/Stokkel and get off at Schuman; from there it is a 10 min walk.

By car

From Aachen take the motorway E40/A3 direction Brussels. At the end of the motorway, follow directions towards the Centre/Centrum/Institutions Européennes/Europese Instellingen (stay on the middle lanes). After 1.5 km, take the right lane into the Belliard-Cortenbergh-Tunnel leading to Avenue de Cortenbergh/Kortenberglaan. At the end of the avenue, take the fourth exit at the Schuman roundabout onto Avenue d'Auderghem/Oudergemselaan. After 450 m, turn left into Avenue des Nerviens/Nerviërslaan, which is next to the Parc Cinquantenaire/Jubelpark. Turn into the second street on the right, Rue Sainte-Gertrude/Sint-Geertruidestraat. The CMS office is situated in building n° 85 on the right side. The parking spaces of CMS are on floor 0 and are signposted.

By train

From station Gare Central/Centraal or Gare du Midi/Zuidstation, it is a 10 min taxi journey. Using public transport: From station Gare Central/Centraal, take metro line 1A direction Herrmann-Debroux or 1B direction Stockel/Stokkel and get off at Schuman; from there it is a 10 min walk. From station Gare Midi/Zuidstation, take metro line 2 direction Simonis and get off at Arts-Loi/Kunst-Wet; from there, take metro line 1A direction Herrmann-Debroux or 1B direction Stockel/Stokkel and get off at Schuman; from there it is a 10 min walk.

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CMS EU Law Office
Avenue des Nerviens 85
1040 Brussels
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