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What is media law? What is the Media Act?

The rapid expansion in the field of media, especially new media, as well as the growing number of legal requirements here often lead to conflicting interpretations of media law. This is why, when giving comprehensive legal advice, not only do we consider the relevant provisions contained in the Media Act, including regulations on protecting individuals and media-related criminal law, but we also take account of all associated norms such as the Audiovisual Media Act (AMD-G) as well as the Austrian Civil Code and criminal law. 
Our extremely well-versed attorneys-at-law, who keep abreast of the latest media-relevant developments in both legislative packages and case law, enable us to maintain our leading edge as a recognised law firm for media law in Vienna. Our expertise as a law firm for media law not only covers media law liability, procedural law and youth protection but also the unbundling of rights when evaluating content in new media (IPTV, video on demand, near video on demand, streams, live streams) or combating internet piracy.

Audiovisual media and regulatory requirements

Within the framework of new media and digitalisation, our experts have focused their attention in particular on new, audiovisual media and the associated regulatory law. Not just video-sharing platforms and social media are subject to an increasingly complex array of provisions, but also conventional media outlets such as TV, radio and private TV broadcasters. National codes of conduct and media law regulations must be complied with as part of the European Union’s digital internal market strategy along with numerous legislative packages conceived by Austria’s federal government. 
Companies and other media / copyright owners also have to take action with the authorities and the judiciary, requiring the right legal advice when things get serious. Our team is also here to help in such situations.

Licensing law: Comprehensive advice by CMS attorneys-at-law in media law matters

One of the key areas we focus on is advising on licensing law: We provide legal advice in the drafting of contracts, for instance in terms of broadcasting rights, securing the rights of film makers, media owners, copyright collectives, producers, studios, publishers or radio and television broadcasters, and also assert these rights should infringements take place.
We also have comprehensive expertise in online matters, such as:
•    Affiliate Marketing
•    Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
•    White Label Solutions
•    Content Aggregation
•    Online Advertising 
•    Licensing Strategies

Our expertise also extends to providing legal assistance in setting up innovative business models in the area of new media, in connection with new forms of advertising such as “branded entertainment”, as well as digitisation projects.

Media law: Well-advised when disputes arise

In addition to conducting procedures with the authorities, we also provide support in matters of media law litigation. Our media law attorneys-at-law take charge of legal proceedings that are of fundamental importance for our clients in areas such as:
•    Audiovisual piracy
•    Copyright
•    Data protection 
•    News coverage
•    Credit damage and downgrade
•    System access rights 
•    Media-related criminal law
•    Complaints under the Media Act
•    Legal complaints and interim injunctions
•    Private criminal action

We also help you assert your rights in cases where the Media Act is violated. Meet our team of media law experts here.


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