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Corporate Litigation


Business today can be a risky endeavour. You may find yourself confronted with a corporate dispute, whether it be a disagreement with a partner in a joint venture, a shareholder that claims the company is being run in a manner prejudicial to its interests or a warranty/indemnity claim following a merger or acquisition. The sensitive nature of such disputes places stringent requirements on the quality of legal services. Our corporate litigators have the knowledge, skill set and experience to help you to deal with the challenges involved in the full range of contentious issues that your business may encounter. We recognize, however, that litigation may not fit within your commercial objectives and that prevention is better than resolution. Therefore, ideally, we advise our clients before a dispute arises. When a dispute does occur, we are committed to exploring alternative methods of dispute resolution, where appropriate.

Range of services

  • Directors’ liability: assistance in legal proceedings in the area of directors' and officers' liability as well as tailor-made advice on your options in a specific case: whether or not to give notice of liability, or whether there is a risk of directors' and officers' liability. Advising on measures to protect you against personal liability risk;
  • Group liability: comprehensive cross-border legal advice in the area of voluntary and involuntary liability of parent companies and subsidiaries;
  • Shareholder’s disputes: assistance in or out of court for any issue in relation to shareholders’ relationships. Special proceedings are available at short notice;
  • Proceedings related to the right of investigation: assistance in addressing requests to institute an inquiry before the courts and assistance during inquiry proceedings in companies;
  • Squeeze-out procedures: advice in disputes related to the transfer of shares, assistance in managing squeeze-out procedures as smoothly as possible and procedural advice on the chances of obtaining forced transfer of shares;Takeover disputes: assistance with all matters relating to takeover disputes such as breach of negotiations or claims in relation to reps and warranties and disputes on earn-outs.  
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