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Pilot tests to prove 5G mobile technology in Colombia

In December 5th, 2019 Ministry of ICT launched Colombia’s action plan for 5G adoption by: identifying regulatory challenges for 5G adoption in Colombia; updating the regulatory framework to attend these challenges; promoting the offer and demand of apps and services based on 5G technology; and, identifying and introduce cybersecurity guidelines for 5G adoption. Among the specific actions set forth by the plan is to implement pilot tests to prove 5G mobile technology in Colombia.

Under Resolution 3209 of 2019, Ministry of ICT open a phase for actors to express their interest to participate on the pilot tests. Proponents that use 5G mobile technology under frequencies up to 3300 MHz can participate until January 14, 2020 by sending the Expression of Interest file to the email: plan5g@mintic.gov.co.

Besides the pilot tests, according the 5G action plan on Q3 of 2021, Colombian government will award the frequency band of 3500 MHz.

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Portrait of Lorenzo Villegas-Carrasquilla
Lorenzo Villegas-Carrasquilla
Alejandra Soler