Big Data

According to experts, the global data volume doubles roughly every two years. Big Data is on an unstoppable way to becoming even bigger. Ever larger and more complex amounts of data not only need to be managed technically but also in accordance with the law. And: They need to be protected, too.

Handling Big Data responsibly

The term Big Data not only refers to the sheer amount of data that is stored on private and publicly accessible servers. Big Data also forms the vital basis for storing data in cloud computing systems and is crucial for the increasing automatisation of production processes and control procedures that is relevant for Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Handling large and often divers data volumes is of particular relevance for these segments.

Big Data: a daily challenge

Companies are challenged by the complexity of Big Data on a daily basis. Data mining and data controlling tools help businesses identify and analyse data that are usable. From a legal point of view, it is essential to draw a clear line between personal and non-personal data when analysing Big Data in order to comply with data protection regulation. Things become particularly challenging in the case of data being stored outside the EU and when dealing with cross-border data exchange.

Your Big Data experts

The lawyers of our CMS Digital Business Group that specialise in Big Data can help you with all legal issues related to collecting, storing, analysing and using large amounts of data.

Our Big Data expertise includes:

  • Data protection and security
  • Data mining and controlling
  • Online Behavioural Advertising
  • Using data for advertising (targeting/retargeting, etc.)