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Cloud Computing

Companies move their IT infrastructure and applications (such as Sales Cloud) into the cloud in order to guarantee anytime access to collectively used data while at the same time saving on internal IT resources. Thus, data storage can be modified as needed without having to interfere with the in-house computer architecture. In this scenario, the responsibility for availability and maintenance is transferred to cloud computing providers.

Cloud computing and data protection

While cloud computing increases efficiency and saves cost, it also comes with a number of considerable legal issues. Cloud computing solutions raise a number of data protection questions, in particular when cloud providers maintain their servers outside the European Economic Area (EEA). Also, after a contract has ended, data volumes, availability, performance, data back-up, maintenance schedule and data transfer need to be settled for the cloud.

Your legal experts for the cloud

The CMS Digital Business Group provides expert advice on all legal aspects related to cloud computing. Our IT lawyers are trusted advisors and work for providers and users on their national and international cloud computing projects. When it comes to software copyright questions, for example, they cooperate closely with IP specialists in order to develop cloud solutions that work for your specific business needs.

You can also benefit from our lawyers‘ long-standing experience in drafting standard contracts between service providers and cloud computing users. When it comes to the data protection aspects that come with cloud solutions,we consider the point of view of companies as well as that of the respective cloud provider. If conflicts arise, we safeguard and enforce your rights out of court or represent you in court.