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Online Advertising and Marketing

With consumers increasingly using the internet for all their information requirements, companies have moved online to promote their products and services. By now, the online advertising budget frequently exceeds that for traditional advertising. While online marketing facilitates easy and direct contact with potential customers, it also raises a number of legal questions, such as if data on user behaviour (e.g., on social media platforms) or publicly available email addresses may be used for advertising purposes.

Comprehensive online advertising advice

We work for advertisers and advertising as well as media and marketing agencies and advise them on all legal issues related to online advertising and internet marketing. For instance, the dos and don’ts of email marketing, what to consider when advertising on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram, and we also help planning cross-platform social media strategies in the context of corporate advertising.

We furthermore advise on tracking and its implications for data protection and develop legally sound targeting and retargeting campaigns. Plus, our specialists are the right people to talk to if you have questions about programmatic buying and real time advertising (RTA), including mobile campaigns.

Advertising on a global scale

Online advertising needs to work on a global scale: We advise you on all relevant legal requirements in the markets you want to target when planning international advertising and marketing campaigns, and you can benefit from the know-how of specialised lawyers that the global CMS organisation provides.