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Social Media

When companies communicate with their customers and stakeholders, the majority of it nowadays happens digitally. In this context, social media takes on an important role because it is not only used for marketing and PR but also as a sales support tool, for building customer loyalty and for online reputation management purposes. Another social media aspect is related to recruiting: Companies have to deal with a new generation of employees for whom communicating via social networks is a part of everyday life. Social media platforms have therefore become important for the recruiting process. Last but not least, public institutions and associations increasingly rely on social media, too.

Putting social media on a legally sound basis

A company’s social media presence as well as the individual activities of employees on social networking platforms come with a number of legal issues: When and how can social media channels be used for direct advertising purposes? Which social media platforms can sales use to approach customers? Can companies track and analyse the social media behaviour of (potential) customers or job applicants on their pages? What are the requirements for enterprise social networks? And how can companies react against remarks posted on social networks that damage their business or reputation?

We help you with your social media strategy

Companies, associations and public authorities trust the CMS Digital Business Group with all legal questions related to social media. We can combine all the relevant know-how from different areas of law such as employment law, data protection or copyright regulations in order to fully support you with your social media strategies.

We can provide ongoing reviews of your existing or planned social media activities and alert you of potential legal issues that arise when communicating on social networks. Our team works closely with social media experts who know about the tech as well as the corporate communications side in order to develop customised social media guidelines that provide your employees with a reliable framework and standards for how to use social media.