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Deployment scenarios for legal tech

To promote the use of legal tech within organisations, CMS has developed digital products and process solutions for three deployment scenarios:

  • Automation of analogue services
  • Evaluation and analysis
  • Process optimisation and collaboration

Automation of analogue services with legal tech

CMS offers digital products and process solutions that help companies increase the level of automation in their administrative and legal workflows. For example, our legal tech apps enable organisations to automate their standardised contracts.

Digital evaluation and analysis

CMS legal tech apps help you create connections between recurrent processes and identify relevant relationships. This enables companies to make faster decisions in similar scenarios next time around.

Process optimisation and collaboration

Our legal tech apps enable close collaboration between your company and our consultants by bringing together multiple workstreams and enabling efficient management of your legal advice project.

Working closely with your departmental staff and/or project team, our legal tech teams analyse your existing processes and help you to create sustainable structures tailored to your specific needs.

Our legal tech experts continue to support you during the implementation phase. This reduces the load on your in-house resources while also enabling you to use the products and solutions seamlessly and effectively in day-to-day operations.

Integrating standalone legal tech solutions

If you are already using digital product and process solutions from CMS as standalone resources, we can help you integrate them into existing or new processes for optimum productivity in your daily operations. Our legal tech experts have developed many successful custom software solutions in the course of structuring projects for clients.

Expert know-how through years of experience

Each new project benefits from the experience gained in the many successful legal tech projects we have completed for clients over the years. Few major law firms have such an extensive track record in digital products and process solutions.

What really distinguishes CMS is our insight into the latest developments in digitisation across the legal market, e.g.:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Risk analysis/decision trees
  • Legal project management
  • Knowledge systems
  • Contract automation
  • E-discovery
  • Collaboration platforms/extranets
  • Legal surveys and polling

Our legal tech success stories – selected highlights

  • DAX 30 group and German software company | Support around deployment of our CMS FPE product and implementation in the client’s operational structures, including upstream and downstream legal processes
  • DAX 30 group and German public limited company | Assistance with evaluation of personal data processing as part of EU GDPR compliance using CMS Survey for international polling and subsequent risk evaluation and analysis
  • DAX 30 group | Detailed advice on standardising and automating purchasing agreements worldwide
  • German public limited company | Support for mock dawn-raid inspections of logistics warehouses using CMS Interview for several hundred interviews
  • Two US technology groups | IT-based assessment of social criteria for redundancy using CMS Select during restructuring projects and subsequent layoffs
  • DAX 30 company | Support with development of custom legal tech application