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Helping Start-ups scale

Our equIP team works with carefully selected start-ups to help you grow and become a strong contender for Series A financing and subsequent financing rounds, right up to a successful exit.

Choose the equIP programme and gain CMS as an experienced partner

Our team has a long track record of supporting a wide range of innovative start-ups as they build a successful future. Alongside providing advice, we are also a strong partner for the road ahead. We are familiar with the typical difficulties faced by start-ups, in particular the limited financial resources at the beginning and the challenges of negotiating with investors.

Get to know us and together we can write your success story

As you work towards gaining start-up financing, you benefit from our experience, which we leverage to meet your specific needs:

Create a solid foundation with our support

At a time when innovative start-ups and technology providers are acting as game changers, CMS is also actively promoting the development of digital products and process solutions. We were one of the first major law firms in Germany to establish our own specialist departments for developing digital products and processes – for our clients and also for internal deployment.
We therefore know from our own experience and our long-standing expertise in advising start-ups that it is impossible to build a stable, viable business without a proper legal foundation. Since digital businesses in particular often grow very quickly, it is particularly important to create a solid legal basis. This will be extremely important when you come to seek further financing from investors.

Working together to reduce risk

Many digital business models have already passed through several stages of development before they are reviewed by legal professionals for the first time. The legal situation is often far from simple because legislation is increasingly being overtaken by technological progress. This is a familiar situation, especially when setting up companies with business activities that partly or wholly involve uncharted legal territory.Our team can help you to identify legal risks in your company right from the start, to develop practical solutions and to overcome legal obstacles when implementing the business idea, with the aim of guiding your business model to success.

You’re in the driving seat, we take care of the rest

As entrepreneurs, you have many opportunities, but you also face many challenges. You’re not alone, though. As you drive your business forward, you can draw on our experience of technology-based start-ups, venture capital funds, business angels, multinational corporations, universities and accelerators. We provide you with access to our network of innovative founders when building your business, in order to support you as effectively as possible.

Who qualifies?

  • Start-ups that have not yet received Series A funding.
  • Innovative companies, especially in the tech, media and IT sectors.

Simply submit an application and take part in the selection process

Apply for equIP with your idea and your company. To do so, send us your company presentation.

Your details will be treated in the strictest confidence and deleted immediately if your application is unsuccessful.

Our team of experts will assess the entries and invite a number of companies to pitch to our equIP jury. The jury will then decide who gets to join the equIP programme.

Apply for CMS equIP programme