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Össur successful with CMS on purchase of medi prosthetics


Frankfurt/Main – Össur has acquired medi prosthetics GmbH from medi. medi prosthetics, based in Bayreuth, is a global provider of mechanical lower limb prosthetic components. Össur plans to conclude the integration of medi prosthetics within the next year.

The transaction enables Össur to complete its prosthetics offering and further strengthen its global market position.

An international CMS team under the lead of Heike Wagner advises Össur on the transaction in all relevant aspects. CMS has been a regular legal advisor to Össur and advised Össur, among others, on the acquisition of TeamOlmed and most recently of the Scottish company Touch Bionics Limited.

Össur, a NASDAQ listed company, is a leading provider in non-invasive orthopaedics. Its products and technical solutions improve people's mobility. Headquartered in Iceland, Össur operates in the Americas, Europe and Asia and with additional distributors worldwide.

With around 2,400 employees worldwide medi is one of the leading manufacturers of medical devices. Operating since 65 years the product range includes medical compression stockings, adjustable compression care, supports, orthoses, thrombosis prophylaxis stockings, compression garments and shoe insoles.

CMS Hasche Sigle

Dr Heike Wagner, Lead Partner
Dr Tobias Kilian, Of Counsel
Dr Florian Plagemann, Associate, all Corporate/M&A
Dr Dirk Smielick, Counsel
Dr Roland Wiring, Partner, both IP
Carsten Domke, Partner, Labor
Dr Markus Fischer, Counsel, Tax

CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre Lyon

Jean-Thomas Heintz, Partner
Charline Rochon, Associate, both Corporate/M&A

Press Contact
[email protected]

Press Release Össur, 13/09/2016
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Florian Plagemann
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Dirk Smielick
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Roland Wiring
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Carsten Domke
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Marcus Fischer, Dipl.-Finanzwirt (FH)
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