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Delivering expert advice on autotech

5 October 2017

Autotech is an exciting growth industry with huge potential. More than 12 million fully autonomous vehicles are expected to be sold each year by 2035.

Autonomous and electric vehicles are the hottest topics in the autotech sector. Self-driving cars will improve mobility and safety but will also pose challenges in apportioning risk and liability. Electric cars are on the rise and will require vast new infrastructure. The advancement of connected vehicle technologies will present opportunities for new apps and services – but also increase the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches.

CMS is the 6th largest law firm globally and works with cutting-edge organisations at the forefront of autotech developments. We provide commercial, innovative and practical legal advice. Our bench strength and technology focus means our international autotech group can provide the full range of support you need, from protecting and exploiting new technologies to autotech-driven M&A. And when things go wrong, we offer seamless worldwide support, ranging from cyber incident response services to managing product liability and regulatory issues.

Autotech Brochure 2017
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Martin Wodraschke
Laurence Kalman
Laurence Kalman