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CMS advises Kiefel GmbH on the acquisition of Bosch Sprang


CMS has advised Kiefel GmbH on the acquisition of Bosch Sprang. Kiefel is a world-wide manufacturer of plastic foil machinery. Bosch Sprang, a group with some 100 employees, specialises in the production, development and distribution of thermoform tools.

Quoting Kiefel CEO Thomas J. Halletz: "This deal does not just bring together two of the technology and market world leaders but also two teams with an absolutely customer-centred approach and an eye to the future. The range of services supplied by Bosch Sprang also perfectly matches Kiefel's portfolio as a manufacturer of thermoforming machines, while enhancing our ability to serve the highly demanding tooling needs of the premium segment.”

Bosch Sprang management will continue their work for Bosch Sprang.

Christian Delgado and Martika Jonk led the CMS Amsterdam team which further comprised, among others, Dominique van Voorst tot Voorst, Jacqueline Feld, Gieneke van Nierop, Martijn van der Bie, Erwin van Elst, Michelle van Zanten, Pauline Toet, Stephanie Dekker, Tjeerd Hoekstra, Niels Koene, Paulus van den Bos, Ramon Pop, Abbas Ali Hyder, Elvira Baars, Wessel van Gellecum, Tessa Penninks, and Rogier de Vrey. CMS Munich advised on the German side (Thomas Mühl (lead), Richard Mitterhuber, Rolf Hempe, Martin Cholewa).

Sellers were advised by VDT Advocaten of Tilburg (Koenraad de Klerk).

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