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Portrait of Alberto Galhardo Simões

Alberto Galhardo Simões


CMS Portugal
Rua Castilho 50
1250-071 Lisbon
Languages Portuguese, English, Spanish

Alberto Galhardo Simões develops his activity mainly in the areas of mergers & acquisitions, infrastructure and energy. He is in charge of the Africa practice at CMS Portugal and is a member of the executive team of CMS Africa.

He has extensive experience in advising sponsors, lenders and the public sector in the development, structuring and financing of projects in Portugal and Lusophone Africa.

His activity also focuses on advising clients on foreign investment operations and M&A in Portugal and Lusophone Africa.

Joined CMS Portugal in 2019.

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Respected practitioner Alberto Galhardo Simões is experienced working on high-level matters involving governmental institutions and representing clients in energy projects. Interviewees frequently mention his presence in Angolan corporate matters. His expertise also includes M&A, finance and mining issues, including sophisticated cross-border mandates. He moved to CMS in September 2019 after leaving Miranda & Associados.

Angola General Business Law: International Firms - Experts Based Abroad (2020)

Lisbon-based Alberto Galhardo Simões is valued by one interviewee as "a very commercial and practically minded lawyer" who is "very approachable and easy to work with." His skills span public law, finance and construction, among other areas. An impressed source stated: "He can work on high-complexity matters with speed.“

Chambers Global (2021)

Alberto Galhardo Simões and his team are very approachable and easy to deal with. They help find practical solutions and are client orientated.

Legal 500

Alberto Galhardo Simões of CMS frequently assists clients with foreign investment matters in Angola. He also handles energy and infrastructure-related mandates.

Chambers Global (2022)

Memberships & Roles

  • Member of the Portuguese Bar Association since 1992
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  • Law Degree, Faculdade de Direito, Universidade Católica Portuguesa
  • Master of Laws (LL.M.) in International Business Law, King's College London
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