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Medical Lawyers

Legal questions are becoming increasingly relevant in the medical field, driven in part by the intended austerity and restructuring mandates of recent years. How do health care institutions comply with the multitude of legal requirements and yet still remain commercially viable? This is just one of the many challenges that we can help you meet.

We advise numerous well-known clients, among them medical universities, hospitals and operating management companies, as well as various interest groups, the medical profession and investors. In addition to providing representation in court cases, ranging from compensation cases arising from malpractice claims, criminal or other legal proceedings such as contractual disputes with health insurance providers, we can provide you with comprehensive legal advice in all sectors of the health care industry.

Among other things, our expertise includes the laws governing hospitals, physicians, the rights of other employees in the health care industry, pharmaceutical products law, medical products law, anti-corruption criminal law, compliance issues in the health care industry, pharmacist law, medical practice foundation law and contractual partner law. Another area which is seeing increasing legal challenges is the criminal liability of companies, particularly hospitals, under the statute on the responsibility of legal entities. Our experience in this area enables us to provide you with the best possible legal advice and support from the initial steps of an investigation onwards. In cases of legal issues regarding the statutes on hospitalisation and nursing home residence, university law, emergency health care and living wills, we would also be pleased to advise you and support you in any relevant areas accordingly.

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