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Danielle Drummond-Brassington
CMS Real Deal Pod­cast
16 Oct 19
Dive In: An Even­ing with Mark Foster (Lon­don)
Un­der­tak­ings as part of world­wide freez­ing or­ders will be con­strued...
In Ak­cine Bendrove Bankas Snor­as v Ant­onov, the Com­mer­cial Court had to con­sider the in­ter­pret­a­tion of a stand­ard un­der­tak­ing giv­en in sup­port of a world­wide freez­ing or­der (the WFO) ob­tained by a Lithuani­an Bank against two former dir­ect­ors, not to.
Hy­brid con­tracts and the pay­ment pro­vi­sions of the Con­struc­tion Act
The Con­struc­tion Act con­tains a lim­ited ex­emp­tion for cer­tain spe­cified activ­it­ies in re­la­tion to power gen­er­a­tion pro­jects and oth­er spe­cified en­gin­eer­ing fa­cil­it­ies, to which its pay­ment and ad­ju­dic­a­tion re­quire­ments will not ap­ply.
15 October 2019
CMS ad­vises on one of the first re­new­able en­ergy cor­por­ate...
In­ter­im in­junc­tion re­fused for claimant sus­pen­ded by uni­ver­sity dur­ing...
An in­ter­im in­junc­tion was sought from the claimant to lift his sus­pen­sion of em­ploy­ment at the de­fend­ant uni­ver­sity. The claimant was the head of sci­ence and tech­no­logy at the uni­ver­sity but was sus­pen­ded and barred from ac­cess to his work.
22 Oct 19
FS Break­fast Sem­in­ar: Cur­rent reg­u­lat­ory de­vel­op­ments...
Case Com­ment: GMP Orphan v Com­mis­sion, first pub­lished by Law­text.com
This case com­ment was first pub­lished by law­text. com in Bios­cience Law Re­view, Volume 17, Is­sue 2. Its con­tent has been re­pro­duced with the per­mis­sion of law­text. com. GMP-Orphan v European Com­mis­sion On 16 May 2019, in Case T–733/17, GMP-Orphan (GMPO) v Com­mis­sion,.
CMS Ex­pert Guide to Pub­lic Pro­cure­ment
23 Oct 19
En­ergy Break­fast Sem­in­ar: Re­new­ables in CEE - Where...
Food for Thought - Mus­ings on Re­cent Re­tail Stat­ist­ics
Just when you thought you'd heard the last of the Beast from the East, the met­eor­o­lo­gic­al phe­nomen­on has drif­ted back in­to dis­cus­sion this month after a sharp de­cline in re­tail ex­pendit­ure was re­por­ted dur­ing March.
Quantum meruit claims after ter­min­a­tion: a chan­ging of the tide?
A de­cision of the Hight Court of Aus­tralia earli­er this week has held that resti­tu­tion­ary claims on a quantum meruit (i. e. reas­on­able price) basis by con­tract­ors after the ter­min­a­tion of a con­struc­tion con­tract can only be brought in lim­ited cir­cum­stances and.