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CMS Brazil Market Entry Guide
22 May 17
Spotlight Series: Workplaces of the future (Glasgo...
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Asymmetric jurisdiction clauses upheld by Commercial Court
The English High Court has held that asymmetric jurisdiction clauses are valid and are exclusive jurisdiction clauses for the purposes of Brussels 1 Recast overriding previous uncertainty following a decision of the French courts.
20 February 2017
CMS and Pride in London host LGBT panel event to m...
16 May 17
Spotlight Series: Workplaces of the future (Edinbu...
IP Snapshot – February 2017
Bringing you regular news of key developments in intellectual property law. GENERAL IP New Wave CZ, a. s. v Alltoys, spol. S. r. o. , CJEU, 18 January 2017 The CJEU has held that the right of an IP right holder to obtain information about the infringer’s activities.
17 February 2017
Islamic finance and the commercial property market...
09 May 17
Spotlight Series: Due diligence: a new approach (G...
Hamburg Rules on jurisdiction not a block to an anti-suit injunct...
In Aline Tramp SA v Jordan International Insurance Company (CL-2016-000263) and The London Steam-Ship Owners’ Mutual Insurance Association Limited v Jordan International Insurance Company (CL-2016-000264), a Claimant vessel owner and insurer sought anti-suit.
14 February 2017
Our global Islamic Finance practice
27 Apr 17
Spotlight Series: Due Diligence - a new approach (...
Scope of third party disclosure clarified
In a recent application, a party sought an order for disclosure of certain documents from a third party. The Court has discretion to order third party disclosure only where (a) the documents sought are likely to support the case of the applicant or adversely.
13 February 2017
CMS advises Nedbank in relation to a reserve based...