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20 February 2017
CMS and Pride in London host LGBT panel event to m...
16 May 17
Spotlight Series: Workplaces of the future (Edinbu...
Professional negligence: limited circumstances where duty will ex...
In Denning v Greenhalgh Financial Services Ltd, GFS, an independent financial advisor, successfully struck out the claim advanced by its client that it was in breach of its professional duty of care (in contract and/or tort) in that it had not conducted a detailed.
Shakeel Adli
14 February 2017
Our global Islamic Finance practice
09 May 17
Spotlight Series: Due diligence: a new approach (G...
DB Pensions Green Paper seeks to get the balance right
The Government has issued its eagerly awaited Green Paper, “Security and Sustainability in Defined Benefit Pension Schemes”. This follows informal consultation with stakeholders in 2016 as well as a report on DB regulation produced by the influential Work &.
13 February 2017
CMS advises Nedbank in relation to a reserve based...
27 Apr 17
Spotlight Series: Due Diligence - a new approach (...
Novelty Act – change in novel foods regime
London’s first insect bar recently opened. The bar offers products such as bug based ice cream and brownies. To most of us this sounds rather radical and new but insects actually have a long history of human consumption.
9 February 2017
What your business needs to know about gender pay...
CBI-CMS guide to gender pay
25 Apr 17
Spotlight Series: Due diligence - a new approach (...
Payment notices: a different approach in Scotland and England?
Over the last year, the TCC has taken a strict approach to the interpretation of notices from payees and payment notices (see our recent Law-Nows here and here).   A recent decision of the Sheriff Appeal Court suggests that the Scottish courts may be inclined.
9 February 2017
CMS first law firm in Europe to adopt innovative m...