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Companies face increasing regulatory, governance and public pressure to manage and minimise the impact of their business operations on the environment. At the same time the environment agenda is opening up significant opportunities to new and evolving businesses.

For over 25 years, CMS has consistently been a leader in the UK and Europe in specialist environment legal advice. Peers and clients have continuously rated us in the top tiers, due to our depth of knowledge, experience and application across most sectors.

We undertake advisory work on current and new regulations, together with a wide variety of transactional work where environment issues are dominant, including cutting edge development of contractual language. We advise on disputes work involving prosecutions, regulatory enforcement, permitting appeals and variations, civil nuisances, claims under indemnities and warranties, insurance, D&O claims and professional negligence.

Multi-national and national organisations come to us for matters where environment issues, risks and opportunities are significant to the commercial success of their businesses. We work for clients in virtually all sectors, including chemicals, cleantech, construction, consumer products, energy, energy efficiency, energy from waste, environment consultancies, finance, infrastructure and projects, insurance, manufacturing, real estate and hotels, renewables, telecoms, transport, water and waste management. We are well-known for our horizon scanning and creative thinking.

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"They're excellent," and "One of their strengths is that the communication between them is very fluid - it's all very consistent and they never need to get a new member up to speed."

Chambers and Partners, 2020

"The team is 'consistently very good,' and 'they are very good to work with and understand litigation'."

Chambers and Partners, 2020

"The team 'provides an excellent service and has detailed knowledge of a specialised area'."

Chambers and Partners, 2020

The team is 'extremely confident and experienced' and 'they use strategy and knowledge to steer their clients through challenges, mitigating risk and developing or adapting with the client or project where required'."

Chambers and Partners, 2020

"CMS is a key name in the Sheffield market for environmental work."

Legal 500, 2020

"They offer broad international coverage, with a comprehensive network of local offices. The range of international advice has been first-class."

Chambers 2019

"They're inventive and find ways to argue points that others haven't thought of. They're a dream to work with."

Chambers 2018

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    Cleantech encompasses technology and services that address environment issues or lessen the impact of current products or services on the environment. The COP21 Climate Change Agreement in Paris in December 2015 marked a new chapter in tackling climate change, and as a result, we expect this hugely important sector to continue to grow rapidly.

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    Health & Safety

    Health & Safety is of paramount importance to all businesses. As an increasingly regulated area, every employer must comply with health and safety rules to protect employees, contractors, visitors and the general public. These regulations also put responsibility on all employees, so it is vital that everyone is aware of the relevant legislation.

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