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For your business to be successful, you must manage your employees and their benefits as well as your employee representatives such as works councils and unions. Employers with occupational pension schemes also need to work with scheme trustees to manage liabilities, risk and member expectations.

Employment and pension law in the UK is complex, and our team of award-winning employment and pensions specialists can help you navigate the maze of regulations, new law, policy documents, pension fund structures and other legal complexities you must contend with on a daily basis.

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Employee Incentives
CMS has the largest number of partners dedicated to employee share plans in a City law firm, with over forty years’ combined experience as partners in
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No business can succeed without an effectively managed workforce. However, handling executive contracts, workplace grievances, reorganisations and res
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Our award-winning pensions team is experienced in advising trustees, employers, consultants and insurers on all aspects of pensions law. As well as da
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Au­tumn State­ment 2022 – Key tax high­lights
Today’s Au­tumn State­ment was aimed at tack­ling the cost of liv­ing crisis and re­build­ing the eco­nomy, in the con­text of an ac­know­ledg­ment by the Chan­cel­lor that the UK is in re­ces­sion. Clearly, the tax...
CMS Pen­sions Cof­fee Corner
Call­ing every­one who works in the pen­sions in­dustry! We in­vite you to join us at the CMS Pen­sions Cof­fee Corner. Pen­sions Cof­fee Corner con­nects in­di­vidu­als with their peers, provid­ing an op­por­tun­ity...
CMS in­tro­duces the Pen­sions Law Ap­praised App
CMS an­nounces today the launch of its new Pen­sions app, Pen­sions Law Ap­praised.The App, which will be avail­able via the App Store, aims to of­fer real-time guid­ance on the latest leg­al de­vel­op­ments af­fect­ing...
Heads-up on har­ass­ment changes
The Gov­ern­ment has giv­en sup­port to a Private Mem­ber’s bill which will change the law on sexu­al har­ass­ment. The Work­er Pro­tec­tion (Amend­ment of Equal­ity Act 2010) Bill (the Bill) in­tro­duces a duty on...
Trust­ee Know­ledge Up­date – Au­gust-Oc­to­ber 2022
Trust­ees of oc­cu­pa­tion­al pen­sion schemes have a stat­utory duty to en­sure that they have an ad­equate know­ledge and un­der­stand­ing of the leg­al is­sues rel­ev­ant to their scheme. They must also en­sure that...
Sun­set Strip: the Re­tained EU Law (Re­voc­a­tion and Re­form) Bill and its...
Hav­ing re­tained EU law un­der the European Uni­on (With­draw­al) Act 2018 (EU­WA), which came in­to force on 31 Decem­ber 2020, the Gov­ern­ment has put in train the pro­cess by which such “re­tained law” is...
Whis­tleblower pro­tec­tion and re­port­ing chan­nels in the United King­dom
1. Is there a law on whis­tleblow­ing in your coun­try? Yes. In the UK the Pub­lic In­terest Dis­clos­ure Act 1998 (“PIDA”) pro­tects work­ers who “blow the whistle” in cer­tain situ­ations. Where a work­er...
CMS ad­vises Oc­topus En­ergy on takeover of Bulb En­ergy
CMS has ad­vised Oc­topus En­ergy Group (Oc­topus), the Brit­ish re­new­able en­ergy group spe­cial­ising in sus­tain­able en­ergy, on its takeover of Bulb En­ergy’s (Bulb) 1.5 mil­lion cus­tom­ers, fol­low­ing an al­most...
One is such a lonely num­ber – re­dund­ancy se­lec­tion un­der scru­tiny
Em­ploy­ers con­sid­er­ing or go­ing through work­force re­struc­tur­ing ex­er­cises should be aware of a re­cent case that may im­pact their pro­cesses and com­mu­nic­a­tions.  In Mogane v (1) Brad­ford Teach­ing Hos­pit­als...
Hu­man Set­tle­ments
A world of cit­ies On Tues­day, the United Na­tions marked the Day of Eight Bil­lion – the date on which the world’s pop­u­la­tion was pro­jec­ted to reach eight bil­lion people. As the UN says, this is a mile­stone in hu­man de­vel­op­ment for a num­ber of reas­ons.
Cur­rent Is­sues in Con­ten­tious Fin­an­cial Reg­u­la­tion - Part 4
Apo­lo­gies, but the wrong re­gis­tra­tion link was used in the pre­vi­ous in­vite. If you would like to re­gister for this event, please use the cor­rect link be­low.Some­times things don’t go to plan and when...
Risk Es­sen­tials: Sea­son of Protest
Protests are every­where. There are protests on the streets and out­side busi­ness premises. There are protests on­line. Your work­force is protest­ing. Even lit­ig­a­tion is be­ing used as a means of protest...