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As the war in Ukraine and the related EU sanctions (as well as “counter-sanctions” in Russia) continue, the pressure on European companies is growing:

  • Which business transactions with business partners in Russia are still permitted?
  • Is an exit from Russia an option for my company? What does my company need to consider?
  • Can I keep my account in Russia and make transfers?
  • How do I proceed if a business partner of mine / my company suddenly becomes a sanctioned entity due to an update of the EU sanctions?
  • What contractual provisions can I make to regulate future sanctions?

If you or your company are asking yourself these or other questions, the Sanction Competence Team of CMS Austria will be happy to support you. We advise Austrian and European companies in connection with all relevant issues and problems. 

"Due to the current sanctions environment, many of our clients are deciding to cease their activities in Russia. Any sale of a Russian company is a challenge for which we can provide extensive support based on our practical experience with successful exits."

Oliver Werner


"Despite EU sanctions against Russia, not every form of business operation in Russia is illegal for European companies. However, our clients face the challenge of bringing their business in line with the EU sanctions and ensuring compliance with them. We are happy to support European companies in finding their way through the jungle of sanctions."

Stefan Paulmayer