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CMS assists XING AG in purchasing Prescreen GmbH


XING AG has acquired Prescreen GmbH for 17 million euros (purchase exercise price). Prescreen operates the application management system of the same name. The purchase exercise price for the software company is expected to increase by five to ten million by 2020. This transaction means XING improves its position as a provider of mordern e-recruiting tools.

XING was supported in this successful transaction by a team from CMS Hamburg headed up by Hilke Herchen and a team from CMS Vienna led by Clemens Grossmayer. Anna Wieser, Gabriela Staber, Ines Freitag, Johannes Scharf and Jens Winter also worked in the Vienna team on this transaction.

With more than 12 million member, XING is the leading career-oriented social networking site in the German speaking area. The company was established in 2003 and was listed on the stock exchange in 2006. It has offices in Hamburg, München, Barcelona, Wien und Zürich.

Prescreen took its application management system of the same name onto the market in 2014. The software includes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which supports companies looking for personnel in all the stages of the process, from the vacancy itself to hiring a candidate. Perscreen was founded in 2013 and has 27 employees. Beiersdorf, Ströer and UniCredit Bank Austria are just three of their 250 business customers. 

CMS Austria

Clemens Grossmayer, Partner
Jens Winter, Partner
Anna Wieser, Attorney-at-Law
Gabriela Staber, Attorney-at-Law
Johannes Scharf, Associate 

CMS Germany

Hilke Herchen, Lead Partner
Laura Moosleitner, Associate
Timo Fuchs, Associate
Malte Grützmacher, Partner
Martin Kilgus, Associate
Jürgen Siemers, Partner
Oliver Ramcke, Senior Associate

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Portrait ofHilke Herchen
Dr. Hilke Herchen
Portrait ofMalte Grützmacher
Prof. Dr. Malte Grützmacher, LL.M. (University of London)
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Martin Kilgus
Johannes Scharf
Laura Moosleitner
Timo Fuchs
Jürgen Siemers
Dr. Oliver Ramcke
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