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Portrait of Jens Winter

Jens Winter

Attorney-at-law for employment law

CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Gauermanngasse 2
1010 Vienna
Languages German, English

Specialisation in employment law

Jens Winter is an attorney-at-law in the field of employment law. He is a partner at CMS and advises national and international companies mainly on questions of individual and collective employment law, data protection law in the area of employment law and company pension law.


Jens Winter has many years of experience in representing national and international clients before courts and authorities. He also has extensive practical experience in the implementation and execution of corporate restructurings and the spin-off and integration of (partial) operations in the course of (international) business transfers. In addition, he was involved in the examination and execution of (cross-border) transactions on several occasions under employment law.

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"He is extremely forceful in obtaining our goals and doesn't make mistakes when it comes to assessing a situation."

Chambers Europe, 2017

Up-and-coming Jens Winter is a promising practitioner and is described by clients as "a very dedicated lawyer - always on schedule, perfect elaborations of written submissions and great expert knowledge."

Chambers Europe, 2016


  • ASGG - Arbeits- und Sozialgerichtsgesetz. Hrsg. Köck/Sonntag
  • Ist-Lohnklauseln und Unterentlohnung (Actual salary clauses and unlawfully low pay, German publication), ecolex 2017, 280 
  • Doppelt hält besser - Zweifache Mitwirkungsbefugnis des BR bei Änderungskündigung (Better safe than sorry – The works’ council has double rights of participation in notices of dismissal pending a change of contract, German publication), ecolex 2016, 994, Krömer/Winter
  • Schicksal einer Betriebspensionszusage bei Betriebs(teil)übergang (The fate of a works pension plan when ownership of a business is (partly) transferred, German publication), ZAS 2016/40, Stella/Winter
  • Übernahme der Konventionalstrafe nicht mehr wettbewerbswidrig? (Does accepting a fine for breaching contract no longer constitute a breach of non-competition clauses?, German publication) ecolex 2015, 55, Stella/Winter
  • Rechnungslegungspflicht von Pensionskassen (Duty for pension schemes to prepare financial statements, German publication), ecolex 2014, 258, Winter/Eberhartinger
  • Prüfpflichten der Pensionskasse bei Aussetzung oder Einschränkung der laufenden Beitragsleistung in Hainz (Duty of inspection for pension schemes when the routine payment of contributions is withheld or reduced, German publication), FS Reich-Rohrwig , 2014, Kietaibl/Winter
  • Pensionskassen müssen Geschäftspläne nicht preisgeben (Pension schemes do not have to disclose business plans, German publication), ecolex 2012, 764, Winter/Eberhartinger
  • Zur Geltung von Betriebsvereinbarungen für Beamte (On the validity of works agreements for civil servants, German publication),, ecolex 2012, 1002, Kietaibl /Winter/Wolf
  • Muster: Regelungen zur Dienstverhinderung (Template: Provisions for leaves of absence, German publication), ZAS 2010/17
  • Pflichten des Arbeitnehmers bei Krankenstand (The employee’s duties when on sick leave, German publication), ZAS 2010/12, Winter/Wartinger
  • Kurzarbeit: Grundsatzfragen und geplante Neuregelungen (Short time: fundamental issues and the planned new provisions, German publication), ZAS 2009/10, Winter/Thomas
  • Muster: Vergleich über Ansprüche aus dem Arbeitsverhältnis (Template: Provisions for leaves of absence, German publication), ZAS 2008/6
  • Muster: Entfertigungserklärung bei Beendigung des Arbeitsverhältnisses (Template: Release from claims when ending the contract of employment, German publication), ZAS 2007/22
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Lectures list

  • Visiting lecturer in employment and economic law, University of Vienna
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  • 2004 Doctor of Law (Employment, Competition), University of Vienna
  • 2002 Law, University of Vienna
  • 2001 Business Informatics, University of Vienna
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