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Portrait of Daniela Krömer

Daniela Krömer

Attorney-at-Law for Labour Law and EU Law

CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz
Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Gauermanngasse 2
1010 Vienna
Languages German, English, Spanish, French

Field of activity

Daniela Krömer is an attorney-at-law in the field of Labour Law and EU Law. She has been a member of the Employment Law Team at CMS since 2013. In addition to standard employment law advice, she also supports clients primarily in matters of European employment law, for example in the area of cross-border employment of workers, in particular in the area of wage and social dumping, as well as in questions of equal treatment.

Previous professional experience / training

Before joining CMS, she was a university assistant at the Institute for Employment and Social Law at the University of Vienna. Her main focus was on European Employment law.


Daniela Krömer is the author of publications on employment law in German and English and works as a lecturer in her department within the framework of the LLM for European and International Business Law at the University of Vienna.


  • Legal500 recognized Daniela Krömer in 2020 as a raising star specializing in European labour law and social dumping matters.
  • In 2008 Daniela Krömer won the Best Advocate General prize at the European Law Moot Court.
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  • University of Vienna
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