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CMS On the Pulse episode #4: Digital health law, regulations and developments – Part 2

Nick Beckett continues to discuss digital health with Rob Flaws (CMS Dubai), Niall McAlister (CMS UK) and Roland Wiring (CMS Germany).

In this second instalment, the team focuses on:  

  • an increasing demand for digital health and increase in tele-consultations and use of chatbots
  • the digitalisation of healthcare records
  • the approach of Big Tech and their provision of advanced technical solutions
  • data privacy requirements regarding the use of immense data reserves in the provision of digital health services
  • the need to incorporate human insight and oversight into AI system processes

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Episode #4 - Digital Health law, regulations and developments – Part 2

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Nick Beckett
Nick Beckett
Managing Partner
Managing Partner, Beijing and Hong Kong Offices and Global Co-Head of CMS Life Sciences & Healthcare Group
Niall McAlister
Niall McAlister
Roland Wiring
Dr. Roland Wiring
Rechtsanwalt | Fachanwalt für Medizinrecht (Certified lawyer for medical law)