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Protecting ideas, securing profit

Brochure Intellectual Property


The success of a company springs from its ideas. By obtaining, defending and licencing various property rights ranging from trademarks to designs, patents, protection certificates and utility models, this potential is transformed into financially measurable company values.

CMS Reich-Rohrwig Hainz offers wide-ranging legal advice on all questions involving the acquisition, application and assertion of intellectual property rights. We advise and represent clients during trademark registrations and similarity examinations, handle their trademark portfolios and potential breaches of their trademark, design, patent and protection certificate rights, and prosecute product piracy for our clients at customs authorities and courts across Europe. In the event of a breach of property rights, we support our clients in asserting their rights before courts and criminal courts. Our range of services includes warnings, injunctions, lawsuits and border confiscations as well as the increasingly important international assertion of intellectual property rights.

Protecting ideas, securing profit
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