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Customs Law & Trade

Our Customs Law & Trade team, recently recognized as "International Trade & Customs Firm of the Year" in The Legal 500 Colombia Awards 2023, offers comprehensive advice to domestic and foreign companies that, by the ordinary course of business, export or import goods and services.

The lawyers of our practice area have participated in multiple transnational operations, which enables them to provide the necessary support to our clients in this type of transaction, formulating operational and strategic alternatives for customs optimization.

Likewise, our team has extensive experience in representing our clients in customs and foreign exchange litigation before administrative and judicial authorities.

In trade matters, we offer advice to local and foreign entities executing all types of foreign currency transactions.

Our commitment to excellence and our track record support our recognition as the leading firm in foreign trade and customs in Colombia, an award that enriches our daily work for the benefit of our clients.

 Our services include:

  • Consulting in customs and exchange operations.
  • Strategies and models of customs and trade planning
  • Detect and minimize risks in foreign trade operations
  • Defense and protection in international trade
  • Advice on the interpretation and application of international treaties
  • Free economic zone regime
  • Anti-dumping practices
  • Customs valuation
  • Tariff classification
  • Apprehensions and seizures
  • Manuals and instructions on customs and trade law.
  • Advice regarding customs regimes
  • Advice regarding areas with special customs regime
  • Accompaniment, advice, and representation in customs and trade litigation.
  • Propose effective strategies in case of a possible investigation by the authorities
  • Advice and management in the channeling of currencies and their respective records.
  • Preparation and review of change statements
  • Audit and diagnosis of the foreign exchange transactions processed by the Company.



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