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Colombia's Health Authority adapts to COVID Health Emergency: Online procedures, Priority to specific products and procedural deadlines suspended.

This whole text is currently not available in English because of its local focus. It refers to INVIMA declaring the suspension of procedural deadlines for certain procedures considered non vital, the setup of online procedures and the focus of the Agency in COVID related products.

There were certain doubts in regards to procedures related to products non-essential to the crisis being halted and rejected by the Authority. However, we consider that all procedures for all type of products could be filed at this point. Only difference would be that procedural deadlines might not be complied with, given the focus given to COVID related products.

We remain at your service during these uncertain times and should you have specific queries please contact us.


Portrait of Karl Mutter, LL.M.
Karl Mutter, LL.M.
Portrait of Luz Helena Vargas
Luz Helena Vargas
Associate Director