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The number of Colombian inventions increases

In the last year, the number of patents granted in Colombia to national applicants accounted for 11.5% of the total number of patents granted by the Colombian Patent Office. If this figure may seem ridiculous, it actually demonstrates a considerable increase in national patents, since ten years ago, only 6.5% of patents were granted to Colombians.

The above figures reflect the effort made by the government to encourage national inventors to protect their developments, through training for entrepreneurs and discounts on official rates for MSMEs. If it has not been easy, this awareness work is showing results, since by 2019, we observe that 20% of the patents requested were made by residents.

The sectors in which Colombians innovate are varied, but those of mechanical engineering (28%), chemistry (25%) and instrumentation (20%) stand out, and many of them have a vision of territorial expansion.

(Source: http://www.sic.gov.co/estadisticas-propiedad-industrial)


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