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The healthcare sector in Germany is heavily regulated, shaped by a number of very different interests and, above all, subject to constant change. Demographic change is an additional factor – an aging population is increasing the demand for medical services. Players in the healthcare market need to take advantage of existing opportunities, minimise the risks and avoid undesirable developments.

Expertise in all the legal issues facing healthcare facilities

CMS Germany ranks among the foremost law firms with wide-ranging expertise in the healthcare sector. Our specialist lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the industry combined with practical experience. We advise companies engaged in healthcare management, hospitals, clinics, care homes, investors, banks and public contractors on legal and strategic matters covering a variety of practical topics:

  • Buying and selling healthcare facilities
  • Designing tenancy and lease agreements for both owners and operators
  • Establishing, structuring and financing funds that invest in healthcare real estate
  • Divestments, mergers and new-build projects
  • Privatisation, outsourcing and change of funding agency
  • Cross-sector provision of services, especially partnerships with other service providers
  • Organisation, requirements planning and financing of hospitals
  • Rescue and restructuring of real estate investments and healthcare facilities
  • Specific issues relating to church funding agencies

We are strategic partners of

Young Excellence in healthcare

Young Excellence in Healthcare (YEH) is an interdisciplinary network bringing together young professionals from the healthcare sector. It seeks to develop an intelligent framework for delivering health services in the world of tomorrow. CMS Germany advises YEH strategically and exclusively on all legal matters. CMS also acts as a sounding board for the legal issues and healthcare policies YEH wishes to promote.

Law Firm of the Year for Healthcare

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