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CMS FPE (use of external personnel)

Tool for quick and easy individual assessment

Avoid disguised employment

CMS created the online product CMS FPE to help you avoid unintentional disguised employment and bogus contracts for work/services. This tool allows you to reliably assess deployment of external personnel within your organisation in a matter of minutes.

CMS FPE is based on the knowledge and experience gained by CMS in many thousands of real-life situations previously assessed “by hand”.

Efficient processes to assess deployment of external personnel

Each employee authorised by the company to do so can access CMS FPE from anywhere and at any time. Substantial cost and time savings are possible compared with manual assessment by internal or third-party staff of how external personnel are deployed.

How does CMS FPE work?

Using Internet access and a password, you can log on to the CMS FPE website and conduct the assessment yourself. The questions around the use of external personnel require a simple “Yes” or “No” answer, with the number of questions and their content adapting to user input during the assessment process. Rather than working your way through a standard list of questions, each FPE assessment is thus tailored to the specific case. Your input is evaluated arithmetically on the basis of a dynamic flowchart and sophisticated weighting logic.

Assessment of external personnel by departments

The questions on deployment of external personnel can be answered by the relevant departments without requiring any specialist legal knowledge. You are presented with the result immediately, based on a traffic light system, together with a specific explanation. If the FPE assessment outcome is “green”, for example, the task can be performed under a contract for work or services. If the result is “red”, either the way in which external personnel are used must be changed significantly or a “genuine” temporary employment contract concluded, for example.

More background information regarding the use of external personnel is available for you in our CMS Blog or in our section for employment newsletters.

Have a look at this video to get an idea how FPE can support your business.


If you have any questions about the product and its possible uses, please refer to your contact at CMS or get in touch with us at:  [email protected].