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Portrait of Paula Wernecke

Paula Wernecke

Rechtsanwältin | Chief Human Resources Officer

CMS Hasche Sigle
Lennéstraße 7
10785 Berlin
Languages German, English

Paula Wernecke is Chief Human Resources Officer at CMS Germany. Her responsibilities also include managing the firm’s corporate culture and employee experience.

As a lawyer, she has long-standing experience in employment law as well as in human resources, both from working at a DAX30 company and practising with CMS. She has particular expertise providing strategic and innovative HR advice and supporting the legal teams of international corporations and German start-ups. Paula advises CMS clients in particular on restructurings, outsourcings and transfers of undertakings, also negotiating with employee representatives. She regularly speaks on employment law and HR topics at trade fairs and conferences.

Paula joined CMS in 2017 and was appointed counsel in 2019. Prior to that, she was with Adidas AG (since 2012), most recently as Senior Director Global Legal & Compliance in the role of Head of Global Legal HR & Labor Relations.

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Memberships & Roles

  • Cologne Bar Association
  • Cologne Lawyers’ Association
  • European Employment Lawyers Association (EELA)
  • Deutscher Arbeitsgerichtsverband e. V. (association of German labor courts)

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Lectures list

  • "Personal und Arbeitsrecht", Bitkom AK, 28.06.2022
  • "Nachhaltigkeit und HR", CMS intern, 06.04.2022
  • "Arbeit 4.0 sowie "Personal & Arbeitsrecht", Bitkom Akademie, April 2
  • "HR statt PR - Handlungsfelder zu Nachhaltigkeit im Personalmanagement, CMS Webinarreihe, 06.04.2022
  • Kooperationsveranstaltung - "Lieferkettensorgfaltsgeset"z, Deutsche Gesellschaft der UN, 30.03.2022
  • "ESG und Arbeitsrecht", BUJ HR-Sustainability, 17.03.2022
  • "Political Year Ahead, BEERG Meeting, Brüssel, 09./10.03.2022
  • "New Ways of Working for Employees - what is changing ?" XBHR-Online Konferenz, 03./04.03.2022
  • "Digitale Personalakte", Business Leads am 24.02.2022
  • HR networx, 15.12.2021
  • "Arbeitsrechtliche Fragen rund um Testpflicht & Co.", BUJ Talk, Fachmedien Otto Schmidt KG, 29.04.2021
  • "Aufholjagd 2021 - Runter von der Corona-Bremse – mutig rauf aufs Gaspedal!", HR Fitness Club, Webinar, 05.03.2021, gemeinsam mit Daniel Hennig
  • What’s on The EU Agenda & After Brexit, 12.01.2021
  • The Covid Impact on the World of Work & Virtual LR/ER, BEERG-Webinar, 19.01.2021

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  • Legal Traineeship in Nuernberg, additional qualification as a commercial mediator (MuCDR)
  • Law studies at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

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