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Legal and regulatory framework for electricity storage in Germany

April 2023

Storage of electrical energy is a key element in building an electricity market that aims to eventually generate power solely from renewable sources. Energy storage facilities perform a buffer function at the intersection between volatile generation and consumption. Their flexibility makes a valuable contribution to transformation of the energy market.

In addition to the technological challenges posed by electricity storage, the legal and regulatory framework is also crucial to developing new business models in the storage sector. Recent years have seen the adoption of the first EU-level legislative requirements in this respect. German law also contains many provisions that are relevant to electricity storage, but these are scattered rather than forming a coherent and consistent approach.

As an additional resource, the experts at CMS can advise and assist clients in all aspects of legal and regulatory issues that arise specifically in relation to the storage of electrical energy.

Fill out the following form, we will provide you  a document which gives an overview of the key framework conditions that currently apply. The aim is to offer initial guidance on the constantly evolving environment for electricity storage in Germany.

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