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Private Clients: Our Expertise

April 2020

Our Private Clients Team specialises in wealth and succession planning. We provide cross-disciplinary advice to private clients, entrepreneurial families, their advisers and family offices on any legal and tax-related issues that arise in relation to national and international wealth and succession planning. As a strategic adviser, we combine many years of experience, expertise and
an international capability.

We focus on customised tax-optimised succession planning and estate administration. For example, we can advise on wills, inheritance agreements, forced heirship rights and gifts. We can support you as a family entrepreneur in business succession and with contingency planning.

When it comes to wealth planning, we will assist you in all questions concerning the organisation and strategic management of your assets. Our specialisms include matrimonial property agreements (prenups), wealth structuring (for example, in family pools), family constitutions and family offices. You may benefit from our specialist knowledge for any wealth-related decisions you need to make, for example if you are planning an investment or wish to relocate to a different country.

Our relationships with our clients are based on trust and confidence. We develop economical and lasting solutions with sensitivity towards your personal requirements and your family’s needs. Our Private Clients Team is also familiar with the particular challenges of family disputes. If the need arises, we will represent you before courts, arbitration tribunals and relevant authorities...

Private Clients: Our Expertise
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Hans Christian Blum
Hans Christian Blum