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Asset Structuring


Families typically have a strong interest in safeguarding family assets and keeping them intact down the generations. At the same time, alternative family structures and the global spread of families due to international careers and lifestyles make it increasingly difficult to retain family assets at a single location. Forward-looking asset structuring and ongoing asset monitoring are becoming more and more important in such scenarios.

Avoiding conflicts through asset structuring

Asset structuring is partly aimed at avoiding conflicts within the family if, for example, it becomes necessary to divide up assets as a result of divorce. It also aims to preserve and pass on the family's wealth in the most tax-efficient manner possible. Possible approaches include holding solutions using national and international companies and foundations. Pooling of real estate may also be an appropriate form of asset structuring.

Coupled with robust contingency planning and tailored succession planning, proactive asset structuring allows family assets to be preserved without conflict down the generations.

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