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Corporate Law and Financial Market Law

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We have developed a rare and innovative practice and expertise in listed and non-listed corporate law. As such, we deal with all complex issues, particularly equity operations (capital transactions, issuing securities, etc.), reorganisations and restructuring (mergers, contributions, cross-border mergers, international reorganisations, etc.), profit-sharing mechanisms for managers and executives, company governance, and financial markets law (regulated information, market transactions, ECM, DCM, etc.).

Our cross-functional and specialised teams will accompany lsted companies of all sizes, companies in the phase of pre-initial public offering or providers of investment services in:

Reorganisations and restructuring operations :

  • mergers, contributions, cross-border mergers, international reorganizations, corporate finance transactions, etc.

Optimisation of corporate governance and shareholder advice:

  • Structuring of directors’ pay and retirement plans
  • Structuring shareholders’ agreements and joint actions 

Annual and daily management of market obligations:

  • Advice regarding financial communications
  • Drafting of registration documents and annual reports, preparation of General Meetings 

Issues related to initial public offering:

  • Advice on public offerings of debt instruments and securities
  • Detailed consideration of the appropriate financial marketand type of issue 

Public offering management:

  • Public offer, block purchase, public buy-back offer – squeeze out, Public to private, Private investment in public equity (PIPE)
  • Advice for companies targeted by takeover bids 

Management of pre-litigation and litigation steps:

  • Prevention of insider trading and misconduct
  • Pre-litigation strategy, assistance in control of investigation and hearing stages, and in cases of conflicts between shareholders 

Family-owned companies

We have developed a specific and relevant expertise regarding family businesses (SMEs) and their shareholders, and offer cross-disciplinary advisory services that cover your needs in terms of family governance, handover of the company, succession, and inheritance tax.

Alongside our tax department's expertise, our law firm relies on a team of specialist inheritance lawyers and on the advice of other industry players (notaries, private banks, etc.).

Assisting you in your corporate, stock market, M&A and private equity transactions
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