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Enhancing the value of assets while streamlining costs – that is the major challenge for real-estate managers, in a rapidly changing and complex environment subject to a new regulatory framework (including the Alur law, the Pinel law, the Macron law, the law on energy transition for green growth and reform of contract law) as well as by profound transformations reflecting the new issues facing society (the increasing importance of green issues to the emergence of coworking and coliving, the digitalisation of the sector, etc.).

Whether you are a property management company, an asset manager or a property administrator, our associates will guide and assist you to allow you to operate without risk in this rapidly changing environment.

Our real-estate management specialists are well know for their solid experience and are able to support you in an advisory capacity as well as in disputes. They can offer assistance to lessors and users in all rental disputes that occur during the term of the lease, particularly in respect of renewal or early termination procedures, assistance with drafting and negotiating all types of contract relating to real-estate management, advice to property administrators and involvement in all types of issues relating to the Hoguet law, among other areas. Aware of your challenges and familiar with the subtle legal and tax issues involved, they will defend your interests with dexterity and pragmatism, favouring an amicable resolution to conflicts wherever possible. 


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Law no. 2018-1021 of 23 November 2018 on changes in housing, land management and digital technology (ELAN) is an important piece of urban planning and property le­gis­la­tion. The fruit of seven months...