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Vision & Commitment

Central to our culture we ensure that diversity and inclusion are at the forefront.

Our aim is to build a culture of trust, respect and inclusion which embraces differences and encourages diversity of people, views and experiences for the benefit of all.

Our D&I strategy, Future Facing Inclusion, is a way of thinking and being. It brings together everyone at CMS as well as our clients and communities, whatever their backgrounds, to develop thriving careers, positive cultures and new ways of working. It is a force for change.

Diversity & inclusion is championed at the senior level across the firm. Our Senior Partner Penelope Warne is a great advocate for D&I and champions it internally and externally to ensure that CMS drives change not only for its people and communities, but also for the legal sector and the wider business community. 

Our strategy is articulated around three pillars: 

  1.  A culture of Trust, Respect and Inclusion: educating, empowering and building accountability across the whole organisation.
  2. Processes & Practices: reviewing all our processes and practices using the Employee Life Cycle as our framework.
  3. Collaboration: engaging on the topic, raising awareness, sharing knowledge, experiences and best practice internally across locations and through our employee-led networks and in working with regulators, governments bodies, clients and suppliers. We also collaborate with a number of charities/NGOs and external organisations to deliver our vision.