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CMS Collaborate

CMS Collaborate

An online platform for accessing documents, managing projects, automating workflows and tracking the status of requests is an essential tool for many projects, cases and transactions.

CMS Collaborate is a flexible, secure extranet platform that can be used for applications as varied as datarooms to support M&A transactions, case libraries for access to online bundles of evidence, portfolio tracking for large portfolios of assets, and project management and reporting.  CMS Collaborate allows a team to share information and collaborate whenever and wherever they are.

We have the in-house expertise to use the platform to tackle a huge range of challenges for clients and, when combined with our other services such as CMS Evidence, Kira and the Legal Services Unit we can build comprehensive solutions to clients' specific business challenges.

To find out more about CMS Collaborate, please contact LegalTechTools@cms-cmno.com. 

How can I use Collaborate?

CMS Collaborate Brochure
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